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life after tragedy. living while grieving. love and triplets.



It's Christmas Eve.  I'm working again and just signed us up for insurance.  I hate that every single time I skim through our important documents to get out everybody's Social Security cards I always come across his death certificate.  

The deadline for me to sign up was tomorrow.  I hate that the time of the accident on the death certificate is off by 2 hours.  I hate that I have his birth certificate (I even got extra copies) and I also have his death certificate.  

I am a mess now.  I hate death certificates.

I miss my blonde baby boy!

On a positive note I love my job!  I'm back in the brow biz.  I'm the counter manager for Anastasia at the City Creek mall downtown (Salt Lake City).  The first few weeks away from my babies were so so hard, but I'm doing it.  And we will even be double covered which hopefully will be as awesome as I hope.  

If you are in town come and see me.  Get your brows done or just drop by to say hi.  To make an appointment call 801-322-4200 ext 1412

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!