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life after tragedy. living while grieving. love and triplets.


A day in the life

my ENTIRE pregnancy with the girls i was terrified.  i'd read daily on some of my triplet support groups of women saying they were done and they wanted these babies out.  they'd write about conversations with their dr's scheduling their c-sections and how they'd just lie on the couch and cry because they were just SO DARN uncomfortable.  when everybody was complaining about wanting their babies out...i was silently struggling with thoughts of no, keep them in, keep them in!  i mean who has triplets and how in the hell do you have a life at all after triplets?  the answer is yes, there is life after triplets.

Here is an example of one of our regular days right now.  It's a lot easier now than it was 3 months ago, or even 1 month ago.  Picture juggling one baby after another all day (and night).  They would only take very short cat naps, and eat small amounts at a time.  So it's gotten a lot more manageable but every single day I still cannot believe that I'm a mom of triplets.  I'm doing triplets people!!!

5:30-6:15am Ryan wakes up for work and makes bottles for 3.  We've mastered the art of propping them so it's our only hands-free feeding of the day.  They are still tired yet starving and they usually go back to sleep for an hour or so.

7:15-8:30am I try and make Finn and I breakfast before I get the babies out of their cribs unless some one is crying.  I start to bring the babies out one by one.  I first change their diapers on the changing table in our living room and then set them down on the floor covered in blankets and toys for them to play.  Finn usually wakes up around 7:30/8 and it takes everything he has to not go into their room first thing in the morning to play with them.  I don't let him because once they set eyes on him and he leaves their room they all begin to cry.  When I lie them on the floor I don't put them very close together because they don't like it.  Usually one or both will cry because they tend to kick, scratch, pinch, punch, and lick each other.  But they often roll over close to one another and hold hands and taste each others heads and suck on each others hands it's pretty cute.

9:00-10:00am I make 3 bottles and feed one baby at a time.  I usually feed the one who is whining or who's been crying the longest if they are all crying.  But usually it's just one or two.  I also go off of their personalities.  Holland almost always cries first.  If Wren is crying I grab her first these days so we don't have what we call "a stage 4 Wren fit".  I use glass bottles that are much heavier than plastic so they can't hold their own bottles yet.  I usually do laundry and light housework here.

10:00-11:15am Usually I've finished feeding all 3 and put them down for a nap.  This is rather new over the last few weeks.  They now all sleep for at least an hour!  I usually help Finn with homework, get him dressed for school, do some cardio, and sometimes even shower.  

12:00-2:00pm They sporadically wake up during this time.  I change them, have play time, and make 3 more bottles and feed all 3 again.  If I didn't feed them cereal & veggies in the AM I usually do it around this time.

2:00-5:30pm This part of the day is still pretty unpredictable.  Sometimes they take another nap, sometimes nobody naps, sometimes there's a lot of crying.  I just rotate the babies into different stations, play time, a little Elmo, cuddles etc.  I feed them again between about 4-6pm.  I change them all usually before this feeding and of course throughout the day if I smell anything peculiar.  If Finn is at a friends house I try and go get him before 6.  If it's nice out I load up the girls in their huge red stroller and we walk over and get Finn.

6:00-8:00pm Daddy comes home.  This is always a huge relief!  I go to Barre class if he gets home in time, I go to the store, just relax, or take a shower if it's been a while.  We usually feed the babies between 7:30 and 8pm.  We try to get Finn to bed by 8pm and so we can watch our grown up shows.  We pile all the babies in our bed during this time.  We take turns eating dinner.  

8:00-10:30pm The girls usually go to sleep somewhere in this time frame.  And this is usually when Ryan jumps in the shower.  Sometimes he takes a baby in with him, I get the next one ready and then we swap.  After the babies are changed and ready for bed we swaddle a baby for each of us and feed them again.  Sometimes they fall asleep and we just put them to bed and sometimes we put them to bed when they are awake.  At least one baby, usually Wren these days has a "stage 4 tantrum".  Or we say "Wren is having a Wren", or "Dale is doing a Dale".  They are just over tired and won't eat so we put them somewhere in a dark quiet place and wait for them to calm down and then attempt to feed them again.  As each baby goes down we do a quiet little happy dance!  I wash all the bottles and fill up 6 with 6oz of water so they are ready for their first 2 AM feedings.

This video was taken yesterday at my parents  house.  It's Holland laughing...she laughs at everything.  I think it's safe to say she's gonna be a pretty good time.

Note: I have a Mother's Helper that comes 5-6 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I don't know what I'd do without her.  I usually am so busy when she comes, trying to accomplish as much as possible.  I shower, go to barre (my therapy), run errands, go to the grocery school, help out with carpooling, etc.  It's just too hard to do the little things when you haul around 3 babies, it exhausts me just thinking about it.  It's so good for my sanity, a huge shout out to the family member who helps us pay for her!!!  

Yesterday I was feeling rather brave.  I've been wanting to take the kids and go bring Colum some Easter Love.  I hate living so far away from him!  We've taken the girls to the cemetery before but just left them in the car because it was too cold and there was a ton of snow.  Yesterday was a gorgeous day and this is the best picture we got.

This was taken yesterday also.  We used my Mom's shadow to cover their faces so we could get a photo.  Love them!  Holland, Wren, and Dale in order.

My 3 Spring chickens!

I was able to go to the zoo with Finn's kindergarten class.  I was so excited I couldn't sleep.  Having baby triplets it's hard to be as involved as much as I want to be in his school.  This was so fun, I want to be that Mom who goes on field trips.

This is what our nights look like.  We are currently watching The Walking Dead and the girls think zombies are hillarious.  

A little shot of my living room.  My house looks like a daycare.


  1. Oh, Kelly, I am so proud of you! You are doing such a good job!!!! Your kids are so precious. xo

  2. Wow! What a day after day after day, but I know you are loving it. You just don't know how I wish I could come snuggle those babies. My two are in college and oh how I miss the days of being a mom that has kids AT HOME. I'm so ready to be a g'ma, but so not - HAHA! Thanks for the last couple of updates. Good to know all is well with all of you. (:

  3. Thanks for the memories! Your children (all 5) are beautiful! We're still "doing triplets" after 10 years and they are still awesome ~ along with their teenage sister! The very best to you.

  4. Your kids are so cute! I loved hearing about your daily schedule. It blows my mind to think of triplets plus helping Finn with all his activities. Sounds like you are doing an amazing job. Keep on keeping' on =)

  5. I don't think I stopped smiling this entire post! I did some head-shaking, too, because I just can't imagine how crazy (and wonderful) it must be. Holland looked like a little, giggly ballerina when she'd point her toes - too precious!

  6. I'd venture to say that one of the top sounds in the world to ever hear is your child belly laughing, and even though she's not mine, that video brought the biggest smile to my face!!!! :) I love seeing all of their precious faces! My heart still breaks for the loss of your sweet boy, but to see smiles on your faces again, brings this total stranger (who has followed since the accident) happiness! :)

  7. Aww, God bless their wee little hearts. You're doing an amazing job momma. Keep on truckin!

  8. You are amazing! I truely mean that. Glad you do get some help because everyone needs time out of the house without three little people .( I can only imagine) My kids are teenages now and if it were not creepy for a total stranger to hang out with other peoples precious babies I would love to help. I know it feels overwelming at times to be a Mom of small children, hang in there it really does go so fast. sending love, Charlene

  9. p.s your children are all adorable! Your hair looks amazing I know after the accident you had issues:)

  10. I love that they lick each other (: Finn looks like the best older brother and helper! So wonderful that you can get out of the house for awhile...every mom needs that. You all look so good...love your hair (:

  11. Oh man this recollection of your day exhausts me! I had twins (and a 4 year old) and I thought I was busy!! Glad to hear you get help. Sooo nice to get out of the house alone. I remember when going grocery shopping ALONE felt like I had won a million bucks ;) So happy for you all.

  12. Beautiful babies and I am totally in love with their freshly picked moccs. The fact that you shower seems a little amazing to me. I struggled to do that with one baby! God bless!

  13. I think you're actually my hero, 'cause seriously, who has triplets and still goes to barre??? YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I just can't even grasp the amount of grace it must take to parent triplets, keep your head held high, girl, you are doing one heck of a fabulous job.

  14. Oh my....what adorable children. The video is so sweet...I love Holland straightening her legs and curling her toes because she's having such fun. What precious memories. I like that you watch "The Walking Dead" which is probably what you feel like some nights. You look beautiful in the picture at your son's sacred resting place. I'm so glad you are doing so well and yes, your days and nights are busy and hectic and crazy....but it is all good. I'm sure you still have your moments but your 3 miracles and your Finn make it all worth the craziness. Hang in there sweet mama. I'm with the other blog posters.....I smile because you smile!!

  15. Your children are beautiful. I love how Finn loves his sisters. And you and Ryan are amazing parents. Your post made me smile. Thank you!

  16. they are so so so beautiful - all five of your children are beautiful!! thank you so much for the updates, I know it can't be easy to find time to write but I always love seeing pictures of you and your family and to hear how you all are doing.