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Colum Soup

I somehow managed to make dinner yesterday and it was "Colum soup".  I posted a picture when I made it last year here.  It's butternut squash and turnip soup and you can find the recipe here.  I had a little bit of trouble finding this recipe this time and remembered I went off a lot of the comments in the past.  So just to make sure it was the right one I scrolled through them.  My heart skipped a beat and my eyes swelled up with tears when I read my very own comment from 10/26/11... two months BC.  

Oct. 26, 2011
Amazing! I added cream cheese and pureed it. We ate it with rosemary bread. My 3 and 1 year old even loved it!

I of course don't remember commenting but  the second time I made this soup I added way too much cayenne pepper and it was even a little too spicy for both Ryan and I, but Colum, he still just ate it right up.  I can still picture him eating and loving this soup.  I never measure the vegetables and make a huge batch.  I add cream cheese and puree it, it always seems a little bit more fancy that way.
I'm getting super excited for the holidays!  One of my favorite movies is The Family Stone.  Diane Keaton stars in it and her name is Sybil...a top contender in the triplet name department (my Grandma's name).  Anyhoo, in the movie there's a very special picture of the Mother (Diane/Sybil) holding one of her newborn babies in black and white given as a Christmas gift.  My talented friend Janika came to the hospital and shot some beautiful pictures of my daughters and I...and the boys of course.  Kinda reminded me of that movie and how special these pictures will be for years to come.

This is my favorite (family stone) picture.

Only real men can swaddle well ;)

love this


  1. Oh boy! I get to make the first comment! I have loved coming here and seeing that you have been too happy/busy to post as much as in the past. It's AMAZING that you're even blogging at all right now. I love that you are able to look forward to the holidays with excitement this year. What fun it will be to have those 3 little beauties with you. I love the pictures, especially the one of Finn. How his life has changed being in Kindergarten and big brothering Wren, Dale & Holland! Soup season is the best! I have been making soups and will try your recipe with extra cayenne. ;) Do you know we have a Sybil in the family? It's cousin Rachel's one-year-old daughter. They are living in St. Louis. We have less than a week until the due date of our little bundle. SO excited I can hardly stand it! Love you lots!!

  2. Oh......I love these pictures. Thanks so much for putting this recipe on here. I actually was thinking I wanted to ask you for it. I'm so going to try it next week. Sounds sooooo yummy! I remember reading the post about your sweet Colum liking that soup one time whe I went back and read all of your blog. Soooo sweet.......memories in a heart to keep a sweet Ngel alive in daily experiences and celebrations. Love ya Kelly! :)

  3. Sorry...that is sweet Angel. I need an iPad typing class ;)

  4. I made our butternut squash soup on Thursday too! We make ours with roasted red peppers, it is AMAZING! I only make it like once a year because it is such an ordeal, haha. The pictures are lovely, I love black and whites. I am so excited for the holidays too, going to be a nice time and spending it with just my little family this year. We decided to keep them for ourselves instead of trying to make the rounds, it's going to be nice :)

  5. All of those pictures are absolutely beautiful!!!

  6. Gorgeous shots of your beautiful family :)

  7. Thank you so much for continuing to share your life! Your children are all gorgeous and I love the picture of Finn peaking over the bassinet. Best wishes to you all. Gail

  8. Kelly,
    A friend of mine told me about your blog about 4 days ago. I've spent many hours reading every post since the accident (I will continue to read future posts and I'd like to go back and read more from before). I remember hearing about the story on the news and it broke my heart. Thank you for sharing your experiences, your strength, your honesty, your pain, your ups and downs, and your Colum with us! I love knowing your story - even though I cried...a lot. You have reminded me to squeeze my kids longer, hold them tighter, and steal more kisses. You have lived through every parent's worst nightmare - and you are a SURVIVOR! Thanks again for sharing your story. Your girls are adorable. They make me baby hungry.


  9. Kelly, you look amazing! Your babies are beautiful and Finn is a little Stud! I'm sure Colum is smiling down on all of you:) I am so happy and inspired by you! You have come so far and influenced so many mamas for the better. I know we all hold our kids tighter because of you. I wish you continued peace and happiness and hopefully some sleep in between caring for those cute babies:)

  10. Totally agree that only real men can swaddle. Love that picture!! Your husband looks so tough, hairy and masculine, but so gentle with his tiny baby girl. Priceless!