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high on life

Sorry it's been so long since my last post.  We finally decided to move into our new house after the 5k as another way to celebrate Colum's Birthday.  At first we didn't have tv or internet but we are back in business hallelujah!  I've decided moving in is so much better than moving out.  I sound like a broken record when I say this change just makes me so happy.  I feel like I can breathe again.  I even sorta feel like I could fly.

The 5k was so beautiful.  The 2 weeks before I spent running around organizing all the last minute details.  Being our first 5k I was really nervous I was forgetting something really important and was just praying that it would all come together.  And it did.  One of my main goals since the beginning was not to stress, besides the shirt situation I didn't,  which if you know me is a small miracle.  

We had a wonderful turnout!  The Gunnell family came and every one got to meet/see Norah.  Norah has been home from the hospital for about 2 weeks.  They've turned their home into a mini-hospital and have been caring for her all on their own but are expecting home nurse help soon.  Considering that she'd lived in the hospital her entire life I can only imagine how over-stimulating that must have been for her to be surrounded by so many people.  She was such a trooper and can I just say she has some of the most beautiful features I've ever seen...she has the most beautiful, to die for rose bud lips in the world.  

Thank you to every one for coming, donating, volunteering, and running/walking from afar.  (note: for those that haven't gotten their shirts I promise they are being made and I haven't forgotten about you, I'm really sorry).  It turned Colum's Birthday party into something magical.  Instead of dreading it I was looking forward to it.  I can honestly say that it was one of the best days of my life.  Between the 5k and finally moving in, I was completely high on life for about 5 days and still am.  

The babies at my last Dr appt are still doing perfect.  It's definitely starting to feel like I'm carrying 3 instead of 1.  Living at my Mother-in-Laws we miss placed my full length mirror so I didn't have one for a couple months.  Every time I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror in a public bathroom it would startle me to see just how much I'd grown.  I still don't have much of an appetite and the only cravings I've really had is pickles and watermelon (but not together).  I eat them everyday.  I'm peeing every 5-30 minutes and am in the full swing of using the motorized carts whenever at the grocery store or Home Depot. I can feel people staring at me and I want to get a 2XL tshirt that says "pregnant with triplets". 

We are going on day 11 with no sinks!  We thought we would have bathroom sinks by Friday but unfortunately we've ran into a few hiccups along the way.  It's sorta like camping, except we pretty much eat out at every meal.  I'm so tired of eating out and restaurants.  I miss cooking.  I used to cook about 4-5 days a week BC.  AC I just couldn't anymore.  I was too overwhelmed.  The thought of coming up with something to make, going to the grocery store, cooking it, and cleaning afterwards was enough to make me lay in the fetal position and cry.  But I'm feeling a lot more normal, like my old self, and I think I'm ready.

Have I told you Ryan got a new brace?  It's so much better but we laugh because it looks a lot like an ankle monitor.

the starting line.

The Gunnell family.  Mom and Dad both trying to keep little Norah cool.

This picture is for all the sweet sweet people who say I don't look like I'm carrying triplets.  This is my friend Malana and we discovered we have the exact same due date Oct 13.  Both 25 weeks here... singleton vs triplets!  To my credit this girl IS tiny.

I found this picture while unpacking.  My Mom, Grandma and 3 of my siblings.  That's little me in the front.  I think I look about 3 here... I imagine Colum would be looking something like this but more boy.  

This crazy unpacking business wore Finn right out.  He literally never does this.  Our friends came over here and wore him right out and he snuck off and fell asleep on the floor.

Not the best picture but after the race after most people had gone we sang Happy Birthday to Colum and let go of some balloons.

 Thank you all who have sent us baby gifts!  We appreciate it so much and have been blown away by your kindness.

Update:  Huge thanks to Chandy Colton, Shannon Clements, JaNae & Joy Scheidle and Addicts II Athletes for all of your help!  Couldn't have done it without you!


  1. Kelly thanks for posting ive been really worried about you and your family, you look great in the picture and i was wondering if you had received the necklace i sent out

  2. Kelly, the race was so special! My favorite part was when the Gunnell family walked up before the race and everyone was clapping. It was the sweetest thing, I want to be part of it every year! What an amazing way to commemorate Colums Birthday, just the best thing, loved it. This post makes me so happy. I'm so glad you are feeling so good and that your pregnancy is going so fantastic. It has to be partly because of your incredible attitude! Your in the home stretch now! (stretch being the operable word right :) Hoping for a minimum four more weeks of Kelly Belly. Can't wait to see these sweet faces!


  3. Kelly,
    I am so happy for you.
    For once, I was able to read an entire post with a huge smile on my face! I love that you honor Colum's birthday in such a beautiful way! Seems only right for such a beautiful boy! So genuinely happy for you. As I am sure Colum is too. There is nothing a little boy likes more than a smile on his Mama's face <3 Can't imagine triplets....the pregnancy part especially, as I wimp out around week 37 with singletons!! Keep toughing it out!! Can't wait to meet "the girls"!!!

  4. Kelly, you look FABULOUS. Absolutely wonderful! Give yourself a lot of credit for being a SuperMum and organising a move, home renovations, a 5k, carrying triplets all whilst missing your Colum like crazy. Well done you! Keep up the great baby growing and remember there are a lot of people out there who are cheering you on. Despite never having been fortunate enough to meet you.

    Michelle from Australia :)

  5. Congrat!!!! :) Your story has touched my heart! I work at marriott... You came to visit us in december....i think... Ryan was with finn getting some breakfast. I am sorry about your loss!!! Ive been keeping up with your story for a while but have never gotten a chance to post. Please keep us updated with you triplets and finn!!! :) love hearing about your life!!! Your amazing strong parents! I look up to you guys!!!! Jesica

  6. Hope your all doing well! Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you and sending prayers for you to continue to have a smooth pregnancy!! Love from Colorado