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It turns out that remodeling a house, planning a 5k, and being pregnant with triplets is a lot to juggle all at once.  I'm tired but I'm doing it.  Went to the Dr on Friday and the babies are perfect!  The pair have the same profile as Colum and Finn (but more Colum).  I'm so happy about so many things right now.  But I still cry at least 10x's a day because I'm so sad; it's just what I do.  It's quite the experience being at both ends of the spectrum all the time.  But I'm so grateful for the happy end, it helps balance me out and makes the sad a whole lot more bearable.  The girls are kicking the computer and making it bounce as I type.

Click here to read a beautiful article about the Gunnel family.  And if you're local tune into the Channel 2 news at 5pm tomorrow 6/21 to see an interview with Norah and her Mom!  


  1. So nice of you to help and support the Gunnel family. You can truly empathize with them. In the spirit of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, will you be naming your babies Un, Six, and Back? ;) LOL!

  2. Kelly i am so excited for you guys i am sending some awesome stuff your way, i am making a surprise for you and i need to know finns birthstone could you please let me know what it is? I will be sending 3 or 4 boxes your way very soon cant wait for you too get them and again if you could let me know about finns birthstone that would be awesome, wishing you and your family a wonderful summer and please be very careful with those sweethearts. Thaks for posting cuz i was getting worried and i will also be watching the gunnell family thanks and love you.....

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    1. Sorry i spelled it wrong

  4. Kelly you are amazing! What a big heart you have to help the Gunnel family, my prayers are sent out to you all. I just hope you rest and take it easy too, remember you need to think about you getting those three beautiful baby girls here safe and sound :) I am so happy you are doing well and please know how many of us have your back girl :)

  5. Sorry its me again as soon as the special surprise is done i will mail out everything i cant wait for you to get them and thanks for the fast reply on finns birthstone you are very amazing kelly and you have a wonderful family ive really enjoyed followig your blog all along congrats and stay healthy for those babies cant wait to see pictures lots of hugs and kisses coming your way.....

  6. If you need help with anything let me know. And i am super bummed because the 5k is the same day as my niece's baptism. So i am sorry I won't make it.

  7. I was reading your post for the second time and I realized that in order for the computer to be bouncing you might have it on your tummy! I've read a lot about laptops and pregnant bellies, and they don't mix!!! They are to hot for the babies!!! Just had to let you know, but other than that, I am soooo excited for you and the girls! I'm so glad everything is going great and I am so anxious to see their little faces!! Love from Colorado!!!

  8. My husbands name is Kammerer and he always joked we should name our children, Kodak, instant and flash. Naming babies is so much fun. I am looking forward to hearing names and seeing photographs. Another package on its way from Atlanta. I hope each gift the Pack princesses receive brings joy to your day.

  9. Mother of Girls:

    Shoes in the hallway and clothes on the floor
    The line is backed up at the bathroom door.
    Makeup and hairspray and gadgets for hair
    Dresses and jeans and pink underwear.
    All colors of jars to polish your nails
    A mother spends hours shopping for sales.
    Things that smell good and lipstick and curls
    I’m sure you can guess, I’m the mother of girls!

    By Patsy Gaut

  10. So happy your girls are doing so well. What a happy and wonderful thing to lighten the sadness. You are amazing! I don't know how you are balancing so much. Hopefully after the race you can move into take it easy mode. You deserve a little down time before these little ladies make their entrance and turn your life into chaos! Thinking about you and hoping you're having a good day :)

  11. what day is the 5k???

    1. It is this Saturday 6/29 8:30am. We will have shirt & number pick up before the race begins starting at 7:00am.

  12. Hey blogging friend…I nominated you for this award because I love your blog. I think it is just a way of spreading good blogs around. So thanks for writing! http://moreholinessgive.blogspot.com/2013/07/i-dont-really-know-what-this-means-but.html