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I Heart Emilie Parker

Just a few days ago, every one around the world felt a cold chill trickle down their spine as they heard the tragic news unfold of the horrific CT tragedy.  The world feels heavier and the air we breathe suddenly thinner as we ask ourselves what would provoke such unthinkable behavior.  Many of us experience reactions of helplessness, for there is no remedy for the harm that's been done.  Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and their loved ones and many are gathering to lend their support.  

Emilie Parker was one of the victims killed in the shooting.  Her & her family are natives of Ogden, Utah and will be bringing their daughter across the country to be laid to rest. They will be taking time off work to grieve.  A charitable account has been set up to take away any financial pressure or worry to cause them any more grief. 

Click here to go to the Emilie Parker Fund facebook page.  
To donate via paypal click here and transfer money using email address: Brookeprothero@yahoo.com 
Below is an address where you can send any donations to go to support the rest of those suffering. 

Check donations may be mailed to:

Sandy Hook School Support Fund
c/o Newtown Savings Bank
39 Main Street, Newtown CT 06470

You can find more information and donate using cards at:
If you are local, Rib City (American Fork, Utah location only) will be lending their support to help raise money for the Parker family.  This will start Wednesday  and I will post more details when things are more finalized.  Plan on dining on some delicious food while contributing to a great cause to help a family who is suffering.  A donation jar will also be set up there for the family.

Note: I can't remember if I ever mentioned that Rib City was one of the very first people to do a fundraiser for our family.  The owner Toni is a beautiful, selfless, loving, and thoughtful woman.  When I was pregnant with Colum I craved their Kickin' Chicken sandwich and went in almost daily (sometimes twice daily) to fulfill my intense cravings (I like it spicy and with extra spicy ranch sauce...soooo yummy).  She remembered me and donated all of the proceeds for all the Kickin' Chicken sandwiches that were bought to our family.  She's done many other fundraisers and jumped at the chance when she heard of the Parker family and heard their Facebook page/fundraiser on the news.

I can personally attest through our experience that every penny counts!  

So if you are feeling helpless because you want to help please donate.

Please share this post, re-post it on your blog, or share the link on Facebook.  

We can't bring back Emilie or any of the other victims but you can help give them peace of mind this holiday season so they can take the time to grieve their precious loved ones without any distractions.

Thank you.


  1. Thank you for this Kelly. As much as this broke my heart I know it had to be touching very close to home for you especially. I'm sure this family will be so grateful for any contributions.

  2. I am in the mood for another kickn' chicken! We went for you and we will go for her!

  3. Kelly, I am a Connecticut resident and live about 30 minutes away from Newtown. You are so kind to use your blog to raise funds for the victims of this tragedy. I watch the news and am overwhelmed by people's acts of kindness (right this minute even as I watch TV I am tearing up!). You, who I admire so much and feel I know, are adding to the healing. Thank you. I hope the ripples of kindness spread far and wide to defeat the ugliness that unfortunately exists in our beautiful world. xo Gail