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Short and sweet

Quick lil posty:

On Monday, I cut my hair.  As it's been growing back I've been contemplating on what to do.  Extensions?  Shave it?  Boy hair cut?  Pray for a bob?  Later I will post pictures.  I've had my panties all tied in a knot about my hair situation and what I was going to do.  I'm not a huge hair person.  I don't spend much time in front of the mirror.  But, I've been terribly self-conscience about the cotton candy, fluffy quff attached to my scalp.  I just didn't/haven't felt pretty.  ever.  

I thought I would cry for about a week but I haven't cried at all.  It feels really nice.  My hairdresser said, "It's like you just look like a normal person but with a short cut".  Normal.  Feeling normal is under-rated.  Feeling normal can be empowering and just plain fantastic. Who knows, maybe I will stay short for a while.  It's been really fun to put on Fall jackets,  scarves, and play around with lipstick with my new short hair.  It's like my character in my story is evolving into a confident, short haircutted, soon to be pregnant [fingers crossed] woman.

Also, about a month ago I received the email below referring to this post....

Mrs. Pack,
I work as a Salt Lake City Police Officer on the afternoon accident investigations shift and wanted to share something with you. A few days ago as we were preparing for our shift breifing our supersivor Sergeant Tom Potter walked in and handed out a print out from your blog dated 7/12/2012. Sgt. Potter stood in front of us and said "you will read this, you will read every word". As each of us finished reading, Sgt Potter said "If I ever find out any of you treated someone like this asshole treated Mrs. Pack I will personally kick your ass then boot you from my unit"! What you probabally don't know about Sgt. Potter is that he is one of the leading experts in the field of collision reconstruction in the country, and it was Sgt. Potter that reconstructed the collision your family was involved in for the west jordan police department. I am writing to tell you this only to let you know there are Police Officers out there that do care about the work we do and I wanted you to know that though you may not know Sgt. Potter he knows everything about your family and the struggles you have endured and your case could not be in better hands. God Bless You all! 

It really meant a lot to me.  It means a lot that the Supervisor cares about people.  He obviously is fantastic at his job, cares, and is respected for it.  It also meant a lot that this mysterious Police Officer cared enough to take the time and write to let me know that this happened.  Which proves to me that he too is a fantastic Police Officer whom really cares about other people and is a compassionate person.  And, it helped me feel a little less crazy :).  Thank you!  

Thank you to all the compassionate people that have crossed our paths, prayed, or helped us out in anyway.  We thank you.


  1. I didn't really know what you meant today about the cotton candy hair, but I'm super happy that you cut it and it looks SO stinkin' cute, I really love it, I hope you do too. Kel you are such a wonderful friend and a person that I want to be around always thank you for always making my day better and making me feel so great when I'm around you. You have no idea what an inspiration you are to all of us, you make me want to be a better everything! I want you to know that sometimes I am driving and I think of you and Ry, and Finn, and what it would be like and I don't want to come across wrong but I feel emotions from time to time that come from inside, knowing what you have been through and not knowing how to put a finger on it, it just comes at random, a song, a thought and it overcomes me with emotion, and I guess I'm telling you this so that you know that there are others who think of you all the time, and we have no idea. none.what.so.ever what you are going through but just know this, we love you and are here no matter what, you've given us such a wider perspective on life and what is truly important. I hope you won't take any of this in the wrong context because I mean a world of love towards you guys. Luv ya bunches! Kimmie

  2. What a wonderful letter! Apply it like healing salve on your heart and soak it in girl, humanity is not all bad :) And, how great to know that there is now a whole unit of officers who know your side just a little better, and hopefully will be a little more sensitive next time they're dealing with a fragile case. Blessings on you today :)

  3. This letter absolutely made my day!! You have made SUCH a huge difference in the lives of so many people. I am amazed! Now you are having an impact on law enforcement as well. It is so gratifying to know that there are people actually listening. You deserve this level of respect, but more than this, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! I am so impressed that this officer would respond like this. Truly wonderful.

    I bet your hair is darling. We need to see pictures, please.

  4. Kelly, It is so nice to hear you feeling better! I'm sure your hair feels real bouncy (I had real long hair and got it cut short). As for the letter from the Police Officer; Amazing...it is always great to feel validated. They do know what you went thru(and still are). Prayers always for you and your family.
    Love from Colorado

  5. Such amazing police officers. Love that letter. I wanna see your hair!!! I love short hair. I'll bet it is so cute. We need to get our kids together.

  6. That is so wonderful that he took the time to do that. That they both did!! So happy you are liking your hair!! :-). Can't wait to see a pic!! Xoxox

  7. May we talk for a moment of how absolutely beautiful you are?! I do not know that I have ever met someone with both an inner and outer beauty more radiating than yours. You touched others before the accident, your grace, courage, and honesty continues to touch others following the accident and for years to come you will touch legions of people throughout the world.

    I feel honored and blessed to have spent hours with you last week; laughing, crying, laughing some more, eating out, shopping, and soaking in every little beautiful thing about you. You is honest, you is strong, and you is beautiful!
    Love You Beautiful Friend!!!!

  8. That letter made ME happy, can only imagine how you felt when reading it. Bless him for writing to you and his supervisor for being a great man.

  9. I am so glad you got that email. I absolutely seethed over the way you were treated by that officer, told my husband about it, and then he was just as hacked about it as I was. Seriously - this letter makes my day! Maybe Sgt. Potter can track down the other guy and let him know how he feels.