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Real Salt

A few years ago when we were eating at a yummy restaurant outside of Torrey, Utah, I noticed there were the usual salt and pepper shakers, but there was also 'Real Salt' next to them. It's made in Utah, just like most salt and had pink specs in it. I never forgot about it and recently read about the difference between table salt and real salt here.

The pink specs are because it hasn't been bleached white, and processed to leave only 2 of the 84 minerals we consume in table salt. I can't believe how bad table salt actually is for you!

So I bought some. It's really really good. I've never been a huge salt person, but Finn is obsessed. We have to make sure he doesn't put his mouth on the salt shaker in restaurants....(and hide the Tabasco sauce). He's the strangest, most pickiest eater in the world. I swear when I put 'Real Salt' on his food he eats more/better. I don't hesitate to put as much Real Salt as I want on all our food... Colum is turning out to be a huge salt consumer as well. And it's so good for you. Who knew?

P.S. Finn would NOT eat baby food until one day I put salt and pepper in it. He would instantly throw up, until I put salt and pepper in his food!


Teach Your Children

You, you are on the road. Must have A code. That you can live by. And so... become yourself, because the past is just a goodbye.

Teach your children well. Their Father's hell did slowly go by. And feed... them on your dreams, the one they pick... the one you'll know by.

Don't you ever ask them why? if they told you, you would cry, so just look at them and sigh...igh, and know they love you.

Teach your Parents well, their children's hell, will slowly go by. And feed... them on your dreams, the one they picked the one you'll know by.

Don't you ever ask them why? if they told you, you would cry. So, just look at them and sigh...igh, and know they love you.


Finn does somersaults

After 1.5 semesters at The Little Gym, Finn can and will do somersaults.


Ryan and I got out of the house last weekend.  Our niece so generously watched our kids.  We just stayed downtown and went to the Lady Gaga/Scissor Sisters concert.

We almost never get out.  My heart was literally pounding from excitement the whole night.  First we went to the Tin Angel Cafe... I've been a few times with friends but Ryan had never been.  It's simply indescribably delicious!  We just had small plates+drinks, then we checked into the hotel.  Next we checked out Bar-X... it's a bar that has been open since 1933.  The old owners lost their lease, and some pretty cool bros cleaned it up, and turned the crusty old place into a chic-dive.  It's definitely a new favorite for us.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the sign... it's like a red flashing light/strip club-like sign, and it's the original.  

They squeeze their own fresh ginger for their drinks and are served in frosty, copper mugs!

The concert was pretty fun.  First we watched the 'Scissor Sisters', who we absolutely love even more than Gaga... in the wrong seats.  Then, we stumbled went to and watched Gaga in the right and much better seats.  We left the Gaga performance early, cause Ryan was hungry and walked to the Bay Leaf Cafe.  It's a 24 hour restaurant that has the worlds best cheese grits. I mean just order cheese grits if you go.... mmmmm, didn't know grits could be so good.

In the morning we went to the Oasis Cafe, but their was a 35 minute wait, so we drove to The Wild Grape Bistro.  It was good.  I ordered some lamb gravy dish.  I have meat issues and it had chunks of lamb in it.  I started singing "Mary had a little lamb", and I couldn't really eat it after thinking about Mary and her lamb.

Can you tell we are foodies????

Definitely was a memorable night out.


This is what I came home to last time it snowed.  Finn & Ryan made it, they even put real coal for the eyes.  I wish I would've gotten pics of them actually making it.


Modular Shelving

What is modular shelving you ask?  Well, it is my new best friend.  

My house is from 1952... post-war; the American Dream.  People didn't have much, but were grateful to own a home.  This would explain my pathetically small closet, which we are sorta remodeling my 11x11 bedroom right now and will post before and after pics when we are done.  

Modular shelving are metal thingy's that you screw into a stud on the wall.  Then you buy brackets and place the shelves on them.  Totally interchangeable, totally mid-century :).  I love that it gets everything up and off the floor, putting more storage higher and easier to organize.

Here is a picture of our coat closet.  I didn't take a before pic, but it was basically one rod, with a shelf that was hard to reach, & stuff all over the floor about 2 feet high.  Now all or our hats, gloves, (purses), & scarves can go in a drawer.  I want to add an extra drawer I think, (cause I can, cause it's all adjustable).  Got everything at Home Depot.

Here's a fancy smancy example

I pretty much want modular shelving all over my entire house.  We splurged and upgraded from a queen to a king size mattress!  I'm trying to figure out a way to NOT have a dresser and nightstands.  Huh, where am I gonna put all my shiz?!?  I kinda have a lot of shiz, I'm that kinda person.  I'm a do my hair and make-up in my bedroom kinda gal... had older sisters with dark hair, and hair all over the bathroom floors and sinks really sicks me out.  So I'm looking into different options on a next to nothing budget.  

Our next house will be built in the 60's.  I'm talking vaulted ceilings with big windows 60's... but not a split-level; a time capsule would be great.  I would start feathering my hair and everything.  

I need this house!

P.S.  Have you started watching Mad Men?  Love it!  It starts in the year 1960, when people used to chain smoke all day indoors and drink whiskey at work during lunch time.  Sexual harassment up the whazzoo...  So funny what we take for granted now.


Sneek peek but not really

It's just the Kid working on our secret stuff.  It'll be interesting to find out if we get into anything.  Hopefully, it's weird if we don't, I mean they're weird.

It's a date...

So the movie Cars 2 is coming out this summer, so I got a hair to take Finn to a movie to pre-expose him to the movie theater.  Well we went to 'Tangled', after dinner.  Just Finn & I.  We just went to Winger's cause I didn't know how I felt about being by myself with a 2 yr old I wanted wings.  
Pre-date, woke up Finn from his nap.  

Finn & I at Winger's, this was honestly the best smile I got.

Tangled was so good.  Just a little too girly for Finn.  There was no cars/trucks, and no one from Toy Story... so pretty much the folding seat was the most exciting part.  I liked watching the movie, but the 2 kids sitting next to me were coughing the whole time.  Also, I'm not a Dr but there was a small child with Croup in the audience as well (sounded like a seal).  

I know I'm new with bringing kids to movies but is this normal?  If my kids get sick or I do, well let's just say I will cuss people out next time.  2 kids coughing on me for 2 hours, with the Mom (whom I thought was the Dad) just letting them cough without covering their mouths.  Huh... well, let's just hope we don't get sick so next time no one gets chewed out.

Overall I think we will just skip dinner until he's older & just hit the movies.  It was so fun, and has been 8 months since it's been just us 2.