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A boy is 1

it happened.  my baby turned 1.  I hate it.  I love it. 

his birthday landed in the middle of the week and we planned to do a small family party on the Sunday after but forgot we would be outta town.  So no big party.  I'm a horrible mom and ashamed of myself. 

Finn was very excited about the cake and singing Happy Birthday.  He was not so excited that it was Colum's Birthday and not his.  I have a feeling this is going to be a struggle for the next 10 or so years.

He loved his cake.  It's so nice to have a child that isn't a picky eater.  Finn just looked at his cake and screamed.  Colum is savoring ever last bite.

holy moly I love this boy!

Taylar, Finn, Colum, and I went to the Dinosaur museum for his birthday.  So I guess I'm not completely horrible.

Finn managed to open Colum's presents the second I turned my back.  He still likes to say they are his grrrr.

oh what a year can do.

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