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life after tragedy. living while grieving. love and triplets.


lights ...the next generation

Pendant lights to be. love. Who doesn't need industrial in their life.
home. shop. bar. or restaurant.  


funny business

i bought a lightning mcqueen suitcase at my friend Jane's yard sale last month and finn spotted it faster than your head could spin.  He was running up and down the driveway saying that he was "getting on an airplane, then push the button, and fly to the moon".

this suitcase definitely went to a good home. 

spending WAY too much time at the big box store that has orange 'car' carts [what's new].  at least the boys are learning their way around and learning about tools from their mom... uhhh, or at least their way around.

a little snippet of our business cards designed by a really famous business card designer.  or maybe not so famous.  not famous at all.  we had a good time at our first market and handed out a lot of these puppies.  


A boy is 1

it happened.  my baby turned 1.  I hate it.  I love it. 

his birthday landed in the middle of the week and we planned to do a small family party on the Sunday after but forgot we would be outta town.  So no big party.  I'm a horrible mom and ashamed of myself. 

Finn was very excited about the cake and singing Happy Birthday.  He was not so excited that it was Colum's Birthday and not his.  I have a feeling this is going to be a struggle for the next 10 or so years.

He loved his cake.  It's so nice to have a child that isn't a picky eater.  Finn just looked at his cake and screamed.  Colum is savoring ever last bite.

holy moly I love this boy!

Taylar, Finn, Colum, and I went to the Dinosaur museum for his birthday.  So I guess I'm not completely horrible.

Finn managed to open Colum's presents the second I turned my back.  He still likes to say they are his grrrr.

oh what a year can do.