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Yuba Lake

Let's pretend I posted this 3 weeks ago... 'nuff said.  We went to Yuba Lake over Memorial Day weekend.  It was a first for all of us.  There were a lot of firsts over the holiday weekend.

 Colum's first [and only] time in a big boy car seat so far [a month early and it's still in the truck by the way].  They totally fell asleep.

 Colum, please don't stop sleeping with your butt in the air until 2030.  Totally noticing that this and other things will stop soon and it doesn't come back.  He's almost 1 and I'm feelin'/hating it.  I'm actually hating him getting bigger [minus the teething].

 Finn and I's first time hangin' out by Yuba Lake [lookin' for sharks].

 Baby Cameron's first Birthday!

Cam's 1st Birthday was a huge hit.  Our friends Jane and Brian went all out, for their first and only child's first Birthday party! 

 Colum's first time around a camp fire.  Oh, I sorta love him and his squinty eyes when he smiles!  And, he's cuddly too.

 And Finn's eyes kill me.  Dark, thick lashes and all.

 Tubbin' it up in the trailer after a long time playin' in the dirt.  This was their first time together in the trailer and Colum's first.

 My first time being sunburned in 3 years [it was bad]!  It was beautiful the first day we were there.  [You will never see me with a sunburned face no sir, I won't take out the garbage without spf on... OCD kinda sorta]

 Daddy's first time tryin' out the table turned bed in the trailer 'cause Finn and I were snugglin' in the big [not so big] bed.

Our first time camping with 2 kids, and my first time thinking that I may need a bigger trailer.  A little too messy [I'm kinda working on cleaning less and enjoying life more] and a little too crowded [we bought this trailer before I miraculously got pregnant with Colum].  But, still it's better than a tent.

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