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So one of my favorite new chairs has a smell.  I'm not incredibly sensitive to smells or anything and I thought with maybe a little time.....  Well, I was dead wrong, I swear more and different smells are coming to surface.  First, it was stale, stale cigar smoke, and then body odor.

So I'm gonna re-upholster the stinkin' thing before we can use it!  I'm leaning more towards doing it myself cause it kinda connects to the top and bottom and is sorta hammock/sling-like.  So no staples are involved.  The ottoman doesn't have staples either but both have those button things on them.  I'm cool with vinyl actually totally down with the vinyl.  I have no clue how much vinyl runs and where in the hell to buy the foam stuff.  I'm gonna watch You Tube videos and get educated (even though most I've seen so far involve staples), so we'll see cause "Stink" is going out in the garage cause I swear I thought a skunk farted in my fireplace today... gotta be the chair aka "stink".  Maybe I will get a bid for a professional and it will be next to nothing... Uhhh, probably not.

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