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Park Silly what we will be selling...

We don't have a ton of great photos of our lights that we will be selling.  Our biggest thing that we are selling are pendant lights made out of antique glass insulators.  Once upon a time these glass jewels were a blip in the industrial revolution, protecting connections on telephone poles across the country. They are as old as the 1800's to early 1900's. A lot of them say MADE IN THE USA right on them. These were originally made from recycled glass so they vary in size and color. Their color changes throughout the day, depending on how the sun hits them.   

In making these lights we have sorta become collectors.  I had no idea what these were before December.  Ryan's Dad worked for a power company and would bring them home for him to play with.  Ryan has always been very close to his Dad and his Dad is very ill so it has made it that much more special to us.  Some insulators are worth $.50 and some are worth $10,000+.  A few weeks ago I scored some that are worth $90-180 a piece and paid $1 for them!  Obviously we are only drilling holes through the more common/less valuable ones.
source unknown.  I love this cord but it's not U.L. listed so we chose not to use it.

These are ours.  But these have cloth cord and we chose clear/silver cord instead, we think it looks better.  These photos suck and don't do them justice.

 Source for photo above.  We are not making them like this but isn't it beautiful?  An artist in NYC has them cascading down like 4 stories inside his brownstone, I feel like we need to be friends.

example of another style.

Ours won't have a light bulb hanging out btw.  source unknown

The photo above is a swag lamp turned pendant light (minus the chain cause Ryan doesn't/didn't like chain).  It was brass and we painted it silver.  This is one of my favorites.  The metal cone has little holes in it because it's midcentury modern sorta atomic-ish.  We have decided to sell it and I've promised to hold it for someone so it's already sold :(  But, woohoo on our first sell!!!

We are also selling 2nd hand midcentury items!  I know I love everything midcentury but, do other people in Utah?!?  Are there other cool, totally awesome people like me in Utah? I feel like we need to start a club or something.  A few days ago we went to a meeting in Park City and walked down Main Street to check out our spot for our booth (it's a good one) and it felt good because I know our insulator lights are going to fit right in (Yay).  The market is every Sunday starting June 12-September.  We will be there the following dates: 6/26, 7/31, 8/14, 8/28, 9/18, and 9/25.  Come and see us!  It's free and there are free kids activities, yummy food, and live music!  If you don't believe me check out this.

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