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Dear Kid

I'm thinkin' this was your first diaper change.

You don't look happy at all ;)  Finally a Daddy.

You are your Father's Son.  3 generations of Pack men.  I remember your Dad's cuts from shaving on this day when I look at this picture and it makes me sad that it's almost been 3 years.

Always been jealous of your uncanny ability to just fall asleep.  Whenever.  Wherever.   [and OMG look at Finn's hair]

Colum was probably asleep sitting up.  And look how yittle.
You can sorta tell in this pic that he already has your head ;)

What tha blonde hair?!? haha

Remember how I could hear Finn as soon as he got off the elevator in the hospital yelling "Hi" to every single person he could see?  I love this picture!  Just boys... all [stinky] boys, even boy dogs.

Happy Father's Day.  So glad your mine/ours.  We've had ups and downs but mostly smooth sailing.  You have an incredible work ethic and we appreciate all you do.  I'm positive I couldn't stand being married to any one else.... I really believe you were made just for me.  The boys adore you.  You are a big kid.  You are the best Father in the whole world and it shows.  We love you.  We wouldn't be us without you.

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