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It's a good day and I really think I just got a little bit cooler, if that's even possible.  After many hours wiring, rewiring, and configuring, I have created my first chandelier... and I'm in love.  And it's all brass folks, yes indeedy!  My fingers are still sore as I type.  And, if you don't love this or even sorta like this then we will most definitely never be friends.

 I don't think I've cussed as much as I did assembling this beauty since my first and only time I went snowboarding.  I don't know what would have happened if it didn't work when I finally plugged it in... maybe brass arms poking out of fresh holes punched in the wall and/or a 3 day bender perhaps?  I guess we'll never know because.......

drum roll please...

wait for it...

...wait for it...

 SHE WORKS!  And she's pretty darn sexy.  ...probably be pretty weird if it didn't work after talking about how cool I am huh?

On another note: above are 3 examples of our glass insulator pendants.  Aren't they dreamy?

And lastly, here is a picture (finally) of my Haywood Wakefield (late 50's-early 60's) chairs (set of 4) I scored a few weeks ago.  They are stackable, plastic and chrome, and perfect.  No reupholstering/weird smells here!  These could have been used as school chairs but I personally like to imagine that these were used in Donald Draper's office on Madison Avenue in Manhattan circa 1961 or what have you.  

All will be for sale in Park City at the market this summer and if no one buys 'em I will just have to keep them all.

Working on my next light fixture later today.  Will post it on the ol' bloggity by tomorrow.

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