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Caged pendant lights

Last but definitely not least are some shots of our caged lights.  These are shown pendant style (hard wired) but will also be available via plug-in style.  The one shown is a depression style socket and vinyl black cord (love love love).  These look pretty cool by themselves the cages are optional/removable in an antiqued/patina'd brass.  Why not use these cage lights to shed some light on that early morning cup of coffee. These lights can hang anywhere and give real vintage industrial style to your space.  I have had one (one of my first lighting creations), hanging over a modular shelf in my basement for awhile now (damn I need to take a pic), and love it!  Especially, when you have an Edison light bulb!  If you haven't seen these yet, you are missing out.  They are definitely very pricey for a light bulb but, very well worth it!  Totally extremely-old-fashion-meets-modern-cool, I'm obsessed.  

The cages open and close to your liking.

This is the best example I could capture of the bitchin' Edison light bulb

This is a different style of Edison light bulb.  Kind of longer and the wires inside are different to,  I can't pick a favorite.

Please excuse the photos by the way.  I strive to be a better photographer with a better camera but for now, it's better to pay your bills than have a camera you really can't afford right?  I average about 5 min per day ripping up credit card applications (I'm sure I'm not alone) that could be put to use doing sit-ups and learning French.   Don't they know by now that I'm not gonna open one of their credit cards?!?  What a waste of paper, I'll call you if I'm  ever desperate or crazy enough to open one.  And thanks for increasing my risk for identity theft and credit fraud.... No thanks.

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