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"Wha colo"?

So my Finn is gonna be 3 the end of July.  When I look at him sometimes he still looks like a baby to me.  He won't snuggle with me if I ask him to anymore but when I say I love you, he says "uhh you", right back every time.  He's definitely in the terrible twos, and it's been quite a challenge for this impatient Mom but, he has the BEST heart.  He is already such an amazing older brother, and all he has to do is smile at Colum to make him laugh.  

Sometimes when I attempt to put them down for a nap at the same time (in the same tiny room), all they do is make faces at each other and laugh for 2 hours.  It makes me so happy to know that they are gonna be buddies.  I know they will have bad days but they are already so much alike.  Even though I still can't believe I have kids this close together I'm glad I do.  I'm so excited to learn what their hobbies and interests turn out to be.  I'm trying to slow down and enjoy this more.  I wanna be here while I'm here.  It's only a couple years which is nothing and then this will be gone forever.

For the past 5 months Finn will ask "Wha colo?"... and a lot of the times you have to try and figure out what color he is pointing at and say the "color".  He inquires about wha colo his clear straw is and wha colo his skin is.  Wha colo his hair is and wha colo my lipstick is.  He knows all his colors, I'm pretty sure he's making sure everyone else knows their colors because if you don't then he can teach you. 

We are going to Yuba Lake this Memorial Day weekend and I'm so excited.  There are 22 other sites booked in the same campground with friends and friends of friends!  Hook-ups (hook-ups when camping in a trailer are the best, it's electricity so no generator and all the water for showers/baths you need), paved trails so Finn can ride his bike, and it's only an hour drive from home.  I'm nervous about camping with Colum since he's army crawling, so lots and lots of dirty clothes and dirty baby.   Praying for warm weather!

Colum started climbing stairs a few weeks ago.  This is nerve wracking in the beginning cause he climbs one then celebrates by turning around and bouncing and you are like please don't fall.  He only would climb three or four and then I would get impatient and go and get him.  The other day I was downstairs and I heard him pounding on the first stair preparing to start his climb and bounce routine and a few seconds later I turned around to see if he was on stair three yet but he wasn't there so I figured he found a different venture and moved on.  Then a few seconds later I heard the door at the stairs squeak and I seriously thought Ryan was home.... then I heard a growl, Colum's growl.  He had trekked  all the way to the top so fast without this nervous Mom knowing.  It scared the sh%@ out of me cause he will just try and come down head first.  Oh, boys what lays ahead for me I don't wanna know.  

P.S.  I'm totally over the Etsy shop.  Way too much work with the pictures and shipping.  We are going to sell our light fixtures (still working on taking pics of those btw) and 2nd hand midcentury so I'm saving most of the goods for the Park Silly Market.  I picked up some great midcentury lights and a few other things on Saturday that I'm really excited about.  I watched some videos of years previous at the market and it looks soooo fun!  Belly dancers, acrobats, musicians, face-painting, and amazing food.  Check out the website you will want to go. 

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