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Older Avenues

The last 2 weeks have been absolute MADNESS.  We hit a few goldmines and damn-near felt like we robbed a few people.  

First of all, we got accepted to do Park Silly, the Park City Farmers Market.  Super excited about it!  We have so much to do and no time, so I have a constant overwhelmed type of feeling.  

2nd, I've opened an Etsy shop.  This economy keeps effecting my eyebrow business more and more and, Ryan isn't getting the overtime we have been accustomed to.  We are surviving but I need to make some extra income.  Also, we are dreaming of moving downtown... or determined to move.  I love thrifting.  I've been thrifting since Junior High.  I've tried to suppress my passion for it, that thrill of finding a one-of-a-kind, Made in the USA (or Japan) mid-century treasure.  But, it seems to always re-surface.  I've been called a flower-child, hippie, and "unique" by my family and friends over my lifetime and over the past couple years I've come to the conclusion.... it's what I love.  I don't care if it's cool or not.  For example, a few years ago I spent $800 on a 'big furniture store' purchase and within hours the cheap leather was ruined.  Yet all my heart really wants is a $50 midcentury replacement that already has scratches and wear yet, I know it will last years and years to come.  I want my kids to learn to appreciate the old, not so much the new.  I've always loved vintage, Ryan knows and has always loved antiques... we are the perfect match!

Here are some photos of my recent could hardly breathe cause I was gonna have a heart attack from excitement finds <---no really ask Ry and my Mom.

 I've noticed 2 patterns: I love carts and housewares... besides chairs but that doesn't count. Oh, and light fixtures but those will be posted soon.
 I can't figure out who made/designed any of the chairs I bought :(  But, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna keep all of them.  I have a thing for midcentury chairs, I almost died, like couldn't breathe heart pounding and then couldn't sleep after I purchased these for dirt cheap.  I never thought I'd come across such beautiful chairs in Utah, but hopefully this is only the beginning of beautiful finds.
 This was my favorite find.  She needs to get re-upholstered for sure and definitely has a weird smell.  She's so so so comfy and even rocks.
 My first Danish piece of furniture!
 I'm keeping all of these!  Most are really really scratched.  2 aren't and I wear them daily.
 Summer is just around the corner.  Ry found these.  I want wallpaper made out of the print on these, I want to drink coffee and sip on hot soup at the train station with these!  I'm gonna put them in my shop, but we decided if they don't sell (during the summer) we're keeping 'em.  This is going to be an on-going problem I can tell.
 Maybe I bought all the light fixtures that were in the front room of this home.  And maybe the man got a ladder and took these BEAUTIFUL CONE LIGHTS down for me.  Maybe he thought I was a freak for wanting them.  I was smart and didn't act too excited even though it was a first, first time holding some, first time really owning some.  I really should re-wire these and sell them at Park Silly... but, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna keep 'em.  I'm having a strange fondness of everything brass lately.  They won't match our house but... I kinda like not to match.
 In shop

Tons more in the shop and tons more unbelievably amazing treasures to be posted in the shop!  Keep checking especially if you're local.

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