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Colum's (aka McGoo) 9 month pics

He's now 10 months old.  10 months!  He is slowly leaving the baby stage of life.  When you are in it... being a Mom with a baby, it doesn't seem to go by fast.  But, then you realize that they just keep growing and don't get small again.  Here's a few facts about my Colum:

He is NOT a picky eater.  Sooo awesome and soooo much easier to deal with.

He is still kinda spitting up.  Every time I say he's threw, he pukes that day WTF?!?

He loves his big brother!  All Finn has to do is look at him and he cracks up laughing.

He is very passionate about his "oooh's" and "aaahhh's".  He's very serious and it breaks my heart to know he will soon stop.

His first word is officially Mom.  I don't think it's on purpose but, both my kids said Mom before Dada.

He army crawls.

He drools.  And has rightfully earned the nickname McGoo... this is slowly turning into the nickname Goop.  He's kinda drooly and slobbery.

Fact: these pics were taken on the awnriest day of his life.

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