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Real Salt

A few years ago when we were eating at a yummy restaurant outside of Torrey, Utah, I noticed there were the usual salt and pepper shakers, but there was also 'Real Salt' next to them. It's made in Utah, just like most salt and had pink specs in it. I never forgot about it and recently read about the difference between table salt and real salt here.

The pink specs are because it hasn't been bleached white, and processed to leave only 2 of the 84 minerals we consume in table salt. I can't believe how bad table salt actually is for you!

So I bought some. It's really really good. I've never been a huge salt person, but Finn is obsessed. We have to make sure he doesn't put his mouth on the salt shaker in restaurants....(and hide the Tabasco sauce). He's the strangest, most pickiest eater in the world. I swear when I put 'Real Salt' on his food he eats more/better. I don't hesitate to put as much Real Salt as I want on all our food... Colum is turning out to be a huge salt consumer as well. And it's so good for you. Who knew?

P.S. Finn would NOT eat baby food until one day I put salt and pepper in it. He would instantly throw up, until I put salt and pepper in his food!

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  1. Finn just knows what tastes good! {i'm a fellow-salt-lover, too!}