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Ryan and I got out of the house last weekend.  Our niece so generously watched our kids.  We just stayed downtown and went to the Lady Gaga/Scissor Sisters concert.

We almost never get out.  My heart was literally pounding from excitement the whole night.  First we went to the Tin Angel Cafe... I've been a few times with friends but Ryan had never been.  It's simply indescribably delicious!  We just had small plates+drinks, then we checked into the hotel.  Next we checked out Bar-X... it's a bar that has been open since 1933.  The old owners lost their lease, and some pretty cool bros cleaned it up, and turned the crusty old place into a chic-dive.  It's definitely a new favorite for us.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the sign... it's like a red flashing light/strip club-like sign, and it's the original.  

They squeeze their own fresh ginger for their drinks and are served in frosty, copper mugs!

The concert was pretty fun.  First we watched the 'Scissor Sisters', who we absolutely love even more than Gaga... in the wrong seats.  Then, we stumbled went to and watched Gaga in the right and much better seats.  We left the Gaga performance early, cause Ryan was hungry and walked to the Bay Leaf Cafe.  It's a 24 hour restaurant that has the worlds best cheese grits. I mean just order cheese grits if you go.... mmmmm, didn't know grits could be so good.

In the morning we went to the Oasis Cafe, but their was a 35 minute wait, so we drove to The Wild Grape Bistro.  It was good.  I ordered some lamb gravy dish.  I have meat issues and it had chunks of lamb in it.  I started singing "Mary had a little lamb", and I couldn't really eat it after thinking about Mary and her lamb.

Can you tell we are foodies????

Definitely was a memorable night out.

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