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Modular Shelving

What is modular shelving you ask?  Well, it is my new best friend.  

My house is from 1952... post-war; the American Dream.  People didn't have much, but were grateful to own a home.  This would explain my pathetically small closet, which we are sorta remodeling my 11x11 bedroom right now and will post before and after pics when we are done.  

Modular shelving are metal thingy's that you screw into a stud on the wall.  Then you buy brackets and place the shelves on them.  Totally interchangeable, totally mid-century :).  I love that it gets everything up and off the floor, putting more storage higher and easier to organize.

Here is a picture of our coat closet.  I didn't take a before pic, but it was basically one rod, with a shelf that was hard to reach, & stuff all over the floor about 2 feet high.  Now all or our hats, gloves, (purses), & scarves can go in a drawer.  I want to add an extra drawer I think, (cause I can, cause it's all adjustable).  Got everything at Home Depot.

Here's a fancy smancy example

I pretty much want modular shelving all over my entire house.  We splurged and upgraded from a queen to a king size mattress!  I'm trying to figure out a way to NOT have a dresser and nightstands.  Huh, where am I gonna put all my shiz?!?  I kinda have a lot of shiz, I'm that kinda person.  I'm a do my hair and make-up in my bedroom kinda gal... had older sisters with dark hair, and hair all over the bathroom floors and sinks really sicks me out.  So I'm looking into different options on a next to nothing budget.  

Our next house will be built in the 60's.  I'm talking vaulted ceilings with big windows 60's... but not a split-level; a time capsule would be great.  I would start feathering my hair and everything.  

I need this house!

P.S.  Have you started watching Mad Men?  Love it!  It starts in the year 1960, when people used to chain smoke all day indoors and drink whiskey at work during lunch time.  Sexual harassment up the whazzoo...  So funny what we take for granted now.

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