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It's a date...

So the movie Cars 2 is coming out this summer, so I got a hair to take Finn to a movie to pre-expose him to the movie theater.  Well we went to 'Tangled', after dinner.  Just Finn & I.  We just went to Winger's cause I didn't know how I felt about being by myself with a 2 yr old I wanted wings.  
Pre-date, woke up Finn from his nap.  

Finn & I at Winger's, this was honestly the best smile I got.

Tangled was so good.  Just a little too girly for Finn.  There was no cars/trucks, and no one from Toy Story... so pretty much the folding seat was the most exciting part.  I liked watching the movie, but the 2 kids sitting next to me were coughing the whole time.  Also, I'm not a Dr but there was a small child with Croup in the audience as well (sounded like a seal).  

I know I'm new with bringing kids to movies but is this normal?  If my kids get sick or I do, well let's just say I will cuss people out next time.  2 kids coughing on me for 2 hours, with the Mom (whom I thought was the Dad) just letting them cough without covering their mouths.  Huh... well, let's just hope we don't get sick so next time no one gets chewed out.

Overall I think we will just skip dinner until he's older & just hit the movies.  It was so fun, and has been 8 months since it's been just us 2.

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