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Finn running in the water at the Gateway Mall cause it was so beautiful today. He loves to put on a show as you can tell he's got an audience

Today we got out... all of us. It was above 60 degrees, so I bought some shorts for $9.99 & changed into them. Before we went to the gateway we hit a couple estate sales, one just 10 minutes too late. As I walked inside someone was buying THE BEST bar stools in the world! Flawless avocado green vinyl seats, cutest chrome legs, & dark oak geometric slats for the backs. "There were only 3 though", that's what I keep telling myself, "cause there is like 4 of us, and so we totally need 4". "But I would seriously just stand up to eat to my non-existant bar, & maybe I could insert a bar in the laundry room or something". Oh well. I did buy an oh so sweet swag light that is much needed in our front room (pics to come cause I already took it apart to make some adjustments). And this baby girl, you can't tell that this birdie was made of REAL bird feathers in the pic, but I had to have it.

And baby girl will hang next to this sexy thing:

and this thingy that I don't know why or where I'm gonna put it, but I'm gonna put somewhere that it's needed.

So fun to be outside... finally!

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