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Stenciled floors & walls

There are so many things that I'm wanting to do right now.  & I'm already elbow deep in a million things... sigh.  

Now, I've found yet another project.  I've got an office, laundry room, & storage room that have cement floors.  Well, I've wanted to do VCT flooring for a while(pics below), & have been pretty set on it... until I saw this & this.  Yup, I'm totally screwed.  I love them both.

 from atomicindy.blogspot.com, love love love!
from wedgwoodtulsa.blogspot.com, love love love!

I may just have to have a little bit of everything.  And, we decided that we aren't gonna put in walls.  

Mostly exposed pipes and beams, kinda industrial meets super cheap.  & maybe a little bit of galvanized aluminum for behind the washer & dryer.  Check out this before and after project that gave me the idea...

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