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Shasta Trailers, & future trailer adventures!

Outside our favorite coffee shop in Torrey, Ut 2009

We love to go camping. As soon as my first son was born all the Kid would say was "we need a trailer, we need a trailer". Well, I soon caught the trailer fever as well. My parents owned a camper (different from a trailer, but still super bitchen') but I can barely remember driving while riding inside the camper (illegal & known to be dangerous now but it was in the '80's)), with my favorite cousin Char & sister Katie. My cousin Char's mom just so happens to be my favorite Aunt Lana :). The girls stayed in & cooked food & played cards while the men killed poor innocent Deer.

We bought a trailer in 2008. We originally wanted something very old & cool. We had our hearts set on an Airstream Safari '06... though it wasn't old, it was so amazing. But then you have to worry about taking her off-road etc, dents, dirty feet on the ivory sofa, uhhh... yeah. & our hearts were broken cause we got outbid. Well, we (mostly me) researched and researched. We settled on a (similar to this one --->) Jayco Jayflight 2007 an awesome yet slightly used trailer. Jayco trailers are made by the Amish and are known for quality. They use real wood for the cabinets and stopped making the 20 foot in 2007. Bonus with the one we bought is XXX-storage! Brand new with 1/10th of the storage is the same price. Also there is an extra 1 foot of space & a back window. (& I talked the salesman down, I did my research & was confident... it was my 1st time ever doing that).
The Kid & Finn last summer looking at pics on his phone on the top bunk in the trailer

Last Summer I was soooo pregnant & miserable, so we didn't camp much. This summer I can't wait to camp every chance I get. Old trailers are the coolest but ours has an oven, TV, DVD player, heater/AC, microwave... it's the only way to go camping. Oh & if we wanna BBQ we have an outlet to BBQ outdoors. Did I mention that you can take a bath/shower?

Finn and I at Lagoon theme park... we camped there! 2009
But someday we will buy & remodel an old Shasta or an old Scotty... We are completely obsessed with the rounded corners, and the American post-war Dream that they represent. We made a special order for some Boomerang Formica in coral & aqua that has been discontinued that is waiting for pick-up (YAY!), that will perhaps someday make its way in our trailer remodel. If I was a rich man I woulda ordered 100 of each, I had no idea that it was still being reproduced until recently.

If considering buying a trailer be sure to research the floor plans! It's super important especially when you don't want to park something huge all winter & have a small family. For example: we wanted a kitchen table that seated 4, but didn't want to comprise the option of having a sofa... well our Jayco accommodated that in 1 swoop. Also, we had 1 child & wanted atleast 1 bunk bed... yeah we got it, & you know that they will fight over it when they are older... or not cause we r down below :) BTW, we are sooo glad that we didn't go Airstream, they are classic but we paid half & did you know you can finance trailers for 10-12 years?

More trailerin' posts to come for sho!

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