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Home-made spider repellent spray report

I DESPISE spiders.  Snakes eh, bugs eh, but spiders really get to me.  I hate cliffs... not necessarily heights (cause I've jumped from a plane) but standing on or near the edge of a cliff or tall building (or seeing some one do it in a movie) & spiders.  We've never moved & recently have cleaned out all of our back rooms, sold stuff on KSL, & became aware of a lot of cobwebs, that were like 50 years old.  We've never had our house professionally sprayed, I go to IFA & buy it & do it myself.  But, when I do it my nose starts running & my sinuses are clogged for weeks after.  Those darn pesticides, probably not that good for me & my babies/Kid.  

So I googled it.  Turns out spiders taste buds are on their feet, ewww, they've got 8 of 'em.  They hate peppermint and anything citrus.  So I mixed up the following recipe:

10-20 drops lemongrass essential oil (lemon, peppermint, grapefruit etc will do)
3 drops lemon dish soap <---'sposed to act as a preservative or something
& top it off with water

Spray all corners, window sills, wherever those scary things like to hangout where they are not wanted.  Spray every 2 weeks or so, & it smells super good btw.  

I've been doing this for about 2 months and so far so good.  Haven't seen one yet.  If I see one I start itching and have a panic attack and won't go in or near that room for a month.  If it's on the ceiling, I have to call a friend & observe it's behavior for 45 minutes before killing it.  Observe things like "is it a jumper that is gonna jump on my hand when I try & smoosh it?", "is it a fasty? cause those darn fasty's are always secret jumpers", "is it a black widow that was going to bite & kill me or my loved ones?", "it's pregnant & gonna lay its eggs that are gonna hatch & then I will have an infestation", & last but not least, "it's totally the biggest spider in the world & I wish it would just stay there so I can keep it alive 'til the Kid comes home cause those bloodsuckers always look smaller when they're dead." 

 I'm trying to train Finn my 2 year old to kill them but so far he just says "eewwww", which is a very bad sign, I thought that's what was useful with having boys?!?  

Here's a special life tip:  If you're Husband or significant other doesn't take your phobia seriously, find out what their phobias are.  ex: Kid hates needles, if he has to get his blood drawn they have the fainting salts ready.  So one day, I chased him around the house with a needle.  I've done IVF twice & had a ton of them.  It was one of the most gratifying moments of my life.  I said, "imagine that needles are alive and crawl around your house without you knowing... IMAGINE THAT!!!".  &  it just came to me, the idea to chase him, just like that!  Sometimes, well most of the time I think I'm the smartest person I've ever met... & funniest. 

Life tip #2:  I've also read that mice HATE peppermint... total bonus for storing our trailer for the winter.  Honestly, we've never ever had a mouse yet in our house!  I don't know if it's cause no one in our neighborhood spay/neuters their cats, or our dogs scare them away, but it's sorta awesome knock on wood, & I'm not complaining.  But we park our trailer in a field so I take cotton balls & dowse them with peppermint oil.  & spread at least 100 of them throughout the inside, also 100 Bounce dryer sheets which I've read don't really deter the mice... but, it sure smells oh so good when we open those doors.  If it was a perfume I would wear it.  Peppermint and Bounce dryer sheets, but if some one takes that & runs with it, I expect royalties.  You can place pots of peppermint plants around your house to deter them as well (pots cause I heard peppermint plants spread like a virus).


  1. Thanks so much for this and i love that you write the same way that you would talk!! ha :) also, do you think Eucalyptus oil would work, as well, since it has the same smell as peppermint? Just wondering.

  2. It us very nice to know that I'm not the only crazy psychotic freakishly afraid of spiders cookoo out there! I used to rely on my teenage son to kill them. But he had a stroke a couple years ago, and wouldn't you know it, he woke up afraid...no crazy psychotic freakishly afraid to the tenth degree...of spiders! Aughhh! So after hearing blood curling screams coming from his room I had to kinda get over my fear. After all he has a clinical reason for his fear and I'm just a wuss! I discovered after moving to our new apartment that being so close to the woods means spiders. I'm not sure what the exterminator is using, but it's not working enough. And after all the rain and flooding we've had (google four lakes Lisle flood) I know the mosquitos will be horrible this year. And more bugs equals more spiders. Today I heard the familiar blood curling scream coming from his room only to discover the tiniest spider in the world. I'm thinking if he's that afraid of this one, he's gonna have a fit cuz the others are 20xs this size! So I turned to the net and stumbled across someone who sounded just like me! I'm thinking...if it worked for that crazy, it has to work for THIS crazy! So tomorrow I'm going to mix your miracle spray and pray for the best. I'm keeping my fingers crossed cuz I'm not ready to move, but I'm shaking with fear over warm weather and that can't be good! Thank you for your humor and advice. You've made me smile thru my fear :-)