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The Door!

So we moved into this house in 2001. I grew up in this town & never ever intended on EVER even living in this town, nor this state for that matter. We thought that we would remodel and then sell in 2 years. Well those 2 years came & went. We remodeled some but I was 20 years old & had no clue how much cash-money it took to do just the little things. As the years passed I would watch movies & say to the Kid, "why can't we just go to the store and buy a front door like that?". Yeah, no stores sell doors that fit a 1952 ranch house although that's the majority of houses around here. I've gone through phases of loving & embracing, & phases of trying to change everything & expanding. Well, I'm totally happy now... I found something. It's a company called Crestview doors. They make window kits just for mid-century homes, they started their company because they had similar frustrations as I.

I would wake up at 2am on a regular basis just because of excitement. I didn't know which one to choose. I loved them all. We finally went with the 'Pasadena A', & currently circle the block a few times because we love it so much. Here are some before and after pics...

explanation of yellow door: I was rebelling from everyone doing the SAME old stuff around here. I loved/hated this door hour to hour for about 2 years. But working from home, it made my house easy to find for clients, always a bonus!
We got storm doors for added security because We work hard for our $$$, ...so hard for it honey.
But doesn't it just scream sex-appeal?

We made the address plaque, well the kid made it, I designed it.  And a new porch light. I have a special place in my heart for globe lights don't you?

Now I just need some one to buy me a bullet planter like this one but I would like it by spring. Also one of these if they are bored. Really, it's just the IRS delaying my tax return though.

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