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We have now applied for Swiss Days, SLC Farmer's Market, & Park Silly.  Hopefully, we get accepted to at least one ...just one!  We are making super unique/top secret trinkets.  If we don't get into anything then I know we can sell them online.  Or just keep them all for ourselves :)

Hint: we are repurposing very old and beautiful antiques.  

Hint #2: You probably don't know what these are &/or haven't seen them used in this way.  

We are having lots and lots, maybe almost too much fun.  More pics and hints to come.  We are also going to pitch our creations to a couple other high-end  stores, and possibly local boutiques.  Cross your fingers, it may put a huge damper on our camping though.




take a look. so sad. think twice about this one.

I'm no Doctor but this vaccine really creeps me out.  I met Sara, & waxed her regularly for about a year (in 2007).  Then she came to me after a 6 month hiatus & pointed out how her dark-medium-brown hair had suddenly turned to white blonde, she still has to dye it.  No, she wasn't struck by lightning, she got the HPV vaccine, & nearly died.  

She is one of the most caring, giving, and inspiring people I know.  All she ever wants is to help other people.  They are giving this to young boys now, & paying women in 3rd world countries to take it.  Click here to watch a preview of a possible documentary that will be made if they get enough pledges.

Stenciled floors & walls

There are so many things that I'm wanting to do right now.  & I'm already elbow deep in a million things... sigh.  

Now, I've found yet another project.  I've got an office, laundry room, & storage room that have cement floors.  Well, I've wanted to do VCT flooring for a while(pics below), & have been pretty set on it... until I saw this & this.  Yup, I'm totally screwed.  I love them both.

 from atomicindy.blogspot.com, love love love!
from wedgwoodtulsa.blogspot.com, love love love!

I may just have to have a little bit of everything.  And, we decided that we aren't gonna put in walls.  

Mostly exposed pipes and beams, kinda industrial meets super cheap.  & maybe a little bit of galvanized aluminum for behind the washer & dryer.  Check out this before and after project that gave me the idea...


Favorite quote of all time...

This quote is from the book "The Shack".  It is so true.  If you are lucky enough to be happy in a relationship then you should always remind yourself that you KNOW it.  Say it out loud, remind yourself how lucky you are, it can only make you happier.  I think I'm going to try & read this beautiful book once a year.

"So many believe that it is love that grows, but it is the knowing that grows and love simply expands to contain it.  Love is just the skin of knowing."



Just came across this on this blog today, & am posting it on my blog because it is so funny.  She didn't know who wrote it, so no credit can be given.

The Hormone Guide

The Hormone Guide 
Women will understand this!
Men should memorize it!

Every woman knows that there are days when all a man has to do is open his mouth and he takes his life in his hands! This is a handy guide that should be carried like a driver's license in the wallet of every husband, boyfriend, co-worker or significant other!





What's for

Can I help you
with dinner?

Where would you like
to go for dinner?

Here, have some wine.

Are you
wearing that?

You sure
look good in brown!

WOW! Look at you!

Here, have some wine

What are you
so worked up about?

Could we be

Here's my paycheck.

Here, have some wine..

Should you be
eating that?

You know, there are
a lot of apples left.

Can I get you a piece
of chocolate with that?

Here, have some wine.

What did you
DO all day?

I hope you didn't
over-do it today.

I've always loved you
in that robe!

Here, have some wine.


Home-made spider repellent spray report

I DESPISE spiders.  Snakes eh, bugs eh, but spiders really get to me.  I hate cliffs... not necessarily heights (cause I've jumped from a plane) but standing on or near the edge of a cliff or tall building (or seeing some one do it in a movie) & spiders.  We've never moved & recently have cleaned out all of our back rooms, sold stuff on KSL, & became aware of a lot of cobwebs, that were like 50 years old.  We've never had our house professionally sprayed, I go to IFA & buy it & do it myself.  But, when I do it my nose starts running & my sinuses are clogged for weeks after.  Those darn pesticides, probably not that good for me & my babies/Kid.  

So I googled it.  Turns out spiders taste buds are on their feet, ewww, they've got 8 of 'em.  They hate peppermint and anything citrus.  So I mixed up the following recipe:

10-20 drops lemongrass essential oil (lemon, peppermint, grapefruit etc will do)
3 drops lemon dish soap <---'sposed to act as a preservative or something
& top it off with water

Spray all corners, window sills, wherever those scary things like to hangout where they are not wanted.  Spray every 2 weeks or so, & it smells super good btw.  

I've been doing this for about 2 months and so far so good.  Haven't seen one yet.  If I see one I start itching and have a panic attack and won't go in or near that room for a month.  If it's on the ceiling, I have to call a friend & observe it's behavior for 45 minutes before killing it.  Observe things like "is it a jumper that is gonna jump on my hand when I try & smoosh it?", "is it a fasty? cause those darn fasty's are always secret jumpers", "is it a black widow that was going to bite & kill me or my loved ones?", "it's pregnant & gonna lay its eggs that are gonna hatch & then I will have an infestation", & last but not least, "it's totally the biggest spider in the world & I wish it would just stay there so I can keep it alive 'til the Kid comes home cause those bloodsuckers always look smaller when they're dead." 

 I'm trying to train Finn my 2 year old to kill them but so far he just says "eewwww", which is a very bad sign, I thought that's what was useful with having boys?!?  

Here's a special life tip:  If you're Husband or significant other doesn't take your phobia seriously, find out what their phobias are.  ex: Kid hates needles, if he has to get his blood drawn they have the fainting salts ready.  So one day, I chased him around the house with a needle.  I've done IVF twice & had a ton of them.  It was one of the most gratifying moments of my life.  I said, "imagine that needles are alive and crawl around your house without you knowing... IMAGINE THAT!!!".  &  it just came to me, the idea to chase him, just like that!  Sometimes, well most of the time I think I'm the smartest person I've ever met... & funniest. 

Life tip #2:  I've also read that mice HATE peppermint... total bonus for storing our trailer for the winter.  Honestly, we've never ever had a mouse yet in our house!  I don't know if it's cause no one in our neighborhood spay/neuters their cats, or our dogs scare them away, but it's sorta awesome knock on wood, & I'm not complaining.  But we park our trailer in a field so I take cotton balls & dowse them with peppermint oil.  & spread at least 100 of them throughout the inside, also 100 Bounce dryer sheets which I've read don't really deter the mice... but, it sure smells oh so good when we open those doors.  If it was a perfume I would wear it.  Peppermint and Bounce dryer sheets, but if some one takes that & runs with it, I expect royalties.  You can place pots of peppermint plants around your house to deter them as well (pots cause I heard peppermint plants spread like a virus).

Meet Colum also known as pukey

He is our 2nd boy.  Happy & pleasant except while teething (current).  His interests include:
army crawling,
Baby Einstein,
pulling out my hair (I think it's genetic),
& rocking back and forth on all fours

<---a mere 8 days old here

This picture is of him saying "ohhhhhh".  He's very serious about it & he sticks his lips out very far. Kinda resembles Shiloh Pitt-Jolie... no?  Except he dresses like a boy because he is one.


Shasta Trailers, & future trailer adventures!

Outside our favorite coffee shop in Torrey, Ut 2009

We love to go camping. As soon as my first son was born all the Kid would say was "we need a trailer, we need a trailer". Well, I soon caught the trailer fever as well. My parents owned a camper (different from a trailer, but still super bitchen') but I can barely remember driving while riding inside the camper (illegal & known to be dangerous now but it was in the '80's)), with my favorite cousin Char & sister Katie. My cousin Char's mom just so happens to be my favorite Aunt Lana :). The girls stayed in & cooked food & played cards while the men killed poor innocent Deer.

We bought a trailer in 2008. We originally wanted something very old & cool. We had our hearts set on an Airstream Safari '06... though it wasn't old, it was so amazing. But then you have to worry about taking her off-road etc, dents, dirty feet on the ivory sofa, uhhh... yeah. & our hearts were broken cause we got outbid. Well, we (mostly me) researched and researched. We settled on a (similar to this one --->) Jayco Jayflight 2007 an awesome yet slightly used trailer. Jayco trailers are made by the Amish and are known for quality. They use real wood for the cabinets and stopped making the 20 foot in 2007. Bonus with the one we bought is XXX-storage! Brand new with 1/10th of the storage is the same price. Also there is an extra 1 foot of space & a back window. (& I talked the salesman down, I did my research & was confident... it was my 1st time ever doing that).
The Kid & Finn last summer looking at pics on his phone on the top bunk in the trailer

Last Summer I was soooo pregnant & miserable, so we didn't camp much. This summer I can't wait to camp every chance I get. Old trailers are the coolest but ours has an oven, TV, DVD player, heater/AC, microwave... it's the only way to go camping. Oh & if we wanna BBQ we have an outlet to BBQ outdoors. Did I mention that you can take a bath/shower?

Finn and I at Lagoon theme park... we camped there! 2009
But someday we will buy & remodel an old Shasta or an old Scotty... We are completely obsessed with the rounded corners, and the American post-war Dream that they represent. We made a special order for some Boomerang Formica in coral & aqua that has been discontinued that is waiting for pick-up (YAY!), that will perhaps someday make its way in our trailer remodel. If I was a rich man I woulda ordered 100 of each, I had no idea that it was still being reproduced until recently.

If considering buying a trailer be sure to research the floor plans! It's super important especially when you don't want to park something huge all winter & have a small family. For example: we wanted a kitchen table that seated 4, but didn't want to comprise the option of having a sofa... well our Jayco accommodated that in 1 swoop. Also, we had 1 child & wanted atleast 1 bunk bed... yeah we got it, & you know that they will fight over it when they are older... or not cause we r down below :) BTW, we are sooo glad that we didn't go Airstream, they are classic but we paid half & did you know you can finance trailers for 10-12 years?

More trailerin' posts to come for sho!


The Door!

So we moved into this house in 2001. I grew up in this town & never ever intended on EVER even living in this town, nor this state for that matter. We thought that we would remodel and then sell in 2 years. Well those 2 years came & went. We remodeled some but I was 20 years old & had no clue how much cash-money it took to do just the little things. As the years passed I would watch movies & say to the Kid, "why can't we just go to the store and buy a front door like that?". Yeah, no stores sell doors that fit a 1952 ranch house although that's the majority of houses around here. I've gone through phases of loving & embracing, & phases of trying to change everything & expanding. Well, I'm totally happy now... I found something. It's a company called Crestview doors. They make window kits just for mid-century homes, they started their company because they had similar frustrations as I.

I would wake up at 2am on a regular basis just because of excitement. I didn't know which one to choose. I loved them all. We finally went with the 'Pasadena A', & currently circle the block a few times because we love it so much. Here are some before and after pics...

explanation of yellow door: I was rebelling from everyone doing the SAME old stuff around here. I loved/hated this door hour to hour for about 2 years. But working from home, it made my house easy to find for clients, always a bonus!
We got storm doors for added security because We work hard for our $$$, ...so hard for it honey.
But doesn't it just scream sex-appeal?

We made the address plaque, well the kid made it, I designed it.  And a new porch light. I have a special place in my heart for globe lights don't you?

Now I just need some one to buy me a bullet planter like this one but I would like it by spring. Also one of these if they are bored. Really, it's just the IRS delaying my tax return though.


Finn running in the water at the Gateway Mall cause it was so beautiful today. He loves to put on a show as you can tell he's got an audience

Today we got out... all of us. It was above 60 degrees, so I bought some shorts for $9.99 & changed into them. Before we went to the gateway we hit a couple estate sales, one just 10 minutes too late. As I walked inside someone was buying THE BEST bar stools in the world! Flawless avocado green vinyl seats, cutest chrome legs, & dark oak geometric slats for the backs. "There were only 3 though", that's what I keep telling myself, "cause there is like 4 of us, and so we totally need 4". "But I would seriously just stand up to eat to my non-existant bar, & maybe I could insert a bar in the laundry room or something". Oh well. I did buy an oh so sweet swag light that is much needed in our front room (pics to come cause I already took it apart to make some adjustments). And this baby girl, you can't tell that this birdie was made of REAL bird feathers in the pic, but I had to have it.

And baby girl will hang next to this sexy thing:

and this thingy that I don't know why or where I'm gonna put it, but I'm gonna put somewhere that it's needed.

So fun to be outside... finally!


Do you believe in miracles?

Photo taken after getting rid of a lot of cleaners, post-miracle

I currently have an entire closet that stores all of our cleaning products. Some of them were on sale, others I saw the commercial & had to have it. Some are our staples such as Windex, & Liquid Plumber.

We've done a lot of remodeling on our little 1952 ranch-style house over the years. We completely gutted the kitchen about 3 years ago. We bought a stainless steel microwave & dishwasher, but decided to wait on buying the matching stove & fridge (ran out of cash-money), so they are still the ol' white ones. You know the little tray beneath the water/ice dispenser? Well it was a dark gray/brown color. The Kid (Ryan) & I have both probably put in 8 hrs each over the years scrubbing this thing w/numerous cleaning products that broke all of their promises of being the best, just to be placed back in 'the closet'. Until now...

I remember reading something about cleaning with vinegar throughout the years & I had an impulse to just poor vinegar in that d*#$ tray. I forgot about it for like 5 minutes, before I got a paper towel to soak up the vinegar off my gray/brown dispenser tray with little to no expectations. But to my surprise the gray/brown just wiped COMPLETELY CLEAN! Like, brand new clean! Just a white dispenser tray. Holy cow, vinegar?!? Apparently that's what they used to use in the old days on everything. I've been in the dark all this time.

Vinegar is a popular household cleanser, effective for killing most mold, bacteria, and germs, due to its level of acidity. Cleaning with white distilled vinegar is a smart way to avoid using harsh chemicals. You’ll also be glad to know that it is environmentally friendly and very economical.

So I became 'fixated', & started cleaning everything with vinegar! We still have hard water, & vinegar is amazing. Initially it stinks like vinegar, but the smell goes away after it dries. Also, vinegar deodorizes, & can be used instead of a fabric softener.

Need to clean your microwave? Yup, just mix 1/4 cup vinegar & 1/4 cup water heat in microwave, then wipe clean. How 'bout your garbage disposal? Does your tea kettle have lime spots? Just boil some vinegar and water in there. Or how 'bout that nasty bath tub film? You guessed it...VINEGAR! I've also discovered Borax, Baking soda, & lemon. I will probably give away all my other cleaning products very soon. I found a new way we can re-use our plastic water bottles too. I mix 1/4 cup Borax, 1/4 cup Baking Soda, 1 cup vinegar, & top it off with water (add vinegar very slowly to the baking soda, cause it foams up quite a bit). With every load of laundry I poor that in the pre-wash, fabric softener, & soap dispensers... then I squeeze a little bit of the laundry soap I'm still trying to use up. Because after it's gone, I will be making my own and putting it in all my empty vinegar bottles! I'm going to use one of the recipes on this site:
I know it's not pretty but my clothes and towels feel & smell amazing & no more stinky front loading washer!

And yet another miracle...

Use Borax, baking soda, & vinegar to clean your carpets.

I bought a carpet steamer before my oldest started crawling a few years ago. We have 2 large dogs, & I wanted my carpets to be clean for my baby. I shampooed with the name brand shampoo & they were sorta clean. Then I thought why not borax? So I read and found a recipe, (I hardly ever follow recipes & despise reading instructions) I modified it and holy cow. There was a huge brown stain that I'd scrubbed and scrubbed in our hallway to no avail. So I got a water bottle and sprayed it w/water, then sprinkled Borax & baking soda on it. Did the same on a few other spots. Went back with a sponge & wiped, not scrubbed, wiped that stain away!

I love it! It's so wasteful to buy cleaning products over and over again, all that plastic. Also, studies have shown that cleaning chemicals are very bad for your lungs. My Mom has COPD & never smoked a day in her life. After wasting so much time and money on all the fancy so-called miracle cleaners, & trying the natural/old-fashioned ones I'm sold. Next I will try olive-oil & lemon to replace pledge, also something called washing soda for numerous things. You can buy Vinegar & baking soda at Costco in bulk. I believe Borax too. Borax is found in the laundry isle, not sure if Costco sells it. It's so cheap!

Note: I will continue to use & buy Quick Shine on my wood floors. But intend to make my own dishwasher detergent, and everything else. I'm also wanting to experiment with making my own shampoo & conditioners. Never really loved anything except for Phyto products (kinda pricey), but I have a lot of hair and maybe I can just make my own :)