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life after tragedy. living while grieving. love and triplets.


Colum Jacob Pack

Colum is here! After being sick and suffering from severe Carpel Tunnel for 9 months you are finally here! The Dr felt my belly before we went in for surgery and said you would be atleast 8 lbs. The C-section was terrifying for your Mommy and when they pulled you out your dad hollered "I think he's bald". Bald no, blonde yes! Boy were we surprised. And you weighed a whopping 6 lbs 11 oz. I was sure you were gonna be atleast 10 lbs. We are all so happy to have you here safe and sound. We love you Colum welcome to our family!


Dear Finn,

You are our first born. Our first experience of parenthood. You have brought us so much joy. You are the happiest little soul with such a sparkling personality. You were the best/easiest baby and are turning into a funny little toddler. You are now gonna be an older brother and I know you will do awesome.




For the past few months Finn's favorite thing to do is to go to the park and go down the slide. At first he would just go down the small slides but now he goes down the big slides. Normally he goes backwards on his tummy. It was a very proud moment for us!

Petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point

We took Finn to the petting zoo and it was a huge hit! He was walking bull-legged down the sidewalk yelling "yaaayyyy", the whole time. He fed the very aggressive goats and a cow while laughing hysterically. I'm pretty sure he's an animal lover. It's fun to take him to new places like petting zoos because he's so much fun to watch.


Easter egg hunt

Finn had so much fun on the Easter egg hunt at Grandma Pack's house! He probably had no idea about what was going on, just that he got to ride on Daddy's shoulders with some of his favorite cousins! I love the age he is at now, but sometimes can't wait for him to get bigger.... but no wait there will be no turning back, so I don't want him to get bigger.

Ryan crochets

We have been working on crocheting granny squares for a baby blanket for Colum. I say we cause Ryan has even been doing some! Yeah, my Husband is man enough to crochet!


This picture would be why we aren't getting the 3D ultrasound this pregnancy. This is Finn at 28 weeks. Notice the Klingon (Star Trek) forehead, and non-existent chin. I remember we went to Olive Garden after and discussed are concern for our unborn Klingon child.


Crayon Man

You can't leave Finn alone with Crayons. He can't help but have just a little taste.